Launchpad Academy

Launchpad Academy aims to organize training programs, seminars, workshops and conferences of short duration in major cities across the country for raising awareness and capacity building of young professionals. These need based training programs are affordable, appropriate and innovative. These programs are aimed at improving knowledge, skills and competencies in the Entrepreneurship, marketing, Advertising, Brand Management and other important soft skill functions. These programs help to improve major performance indicators such as productivity, quality, competitiveness and sustainability etc.

Functions Brief

Focused priority training programs for young professionals and students in priority areas
Establishing a network of Training Service Providers between academia and industry for the youth professional training programs
Developing and launching Innovative and marketing focused priority trainings for young professionals
Creating awareness in educational institutions to develop youth for Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Band Management and professionalism to build a liaison with corporate and SME sector to fulfill their HR and R & D needs
Establishing key performance indicators and feedback systems for review & evaluation
Special Projects

The Training Programs

Training Programs organized by Launchpad Academy are effective solutions to improve major performance indicators; productivity, quality, competitiveness, sustainability and knowledge management of young startups and professionals for easier and faster path to success. The results of these training programs include improvements in strategy formation, managing team and resources efficiently, business transparency, human resource development, managerial capacity and raising the potential of Young professionals.